Production Philosphy

Every project has unique needs and budgets. It's people that make it happen, all the gear and technology in the world won't make your project any better if you don't have the people to make that equipment work to your goals. 

Unless there's a strong reason to weight your production a specific way (a beauty shoot may need to spend more on the vanities, while another project may need to weigh more heavily on props and art), a balanced team is best. Set key rates and the rest will come naturally. 

Rental Equipment

Any piece of equipment you'd need to produce a film or photo project can be bought, built, rented or invented. A million dollar camera package won't get you a good project if you don't have the people to use it well. 

Don't sweat the gear, focus on the the end picture and hire the right people to get the right gear for your production. 

In-house Equipment

JNNYC has a well rounded small production package available in house to cover project basics.  

  • Sony FS5 (HD with 10bit color, 4k capable)

  • 2 channel wireless sound

  • Director/client monitor

  • Tungsten , HMI and LED bicolor lighting kits

  • Dolly, car mounts, Ronin-M gimbal

Downloadable Camera Equipment List (12.2018)