coming soon - Raina Bee music video

Lunch Ladies - Pick Yourself Up 2m40s

Dirty Bourbon River Show - Passion 2m46s

Syvia - Anxious Animal

"Hiding in the backseat of a 1971 Lincoln Continental, lead singer Ruth Mirsky gives voice to a mournful, directionless anxiety as she travels through the band’s home turf of Brooklyn. Her haunting refrain, “you will never be enough, you will not amount to much,” is framed by the blur of city lights and macro photography of dissolving pills. The video, directed by Ed Hellman and produced by Jeff Nash NYC, is steeped in imagery of both beauty and darkness." See more on Vevo:

The Crewcut Butlers "QC Rap and Tap" Music Video

Directed by Ed Hellman - Cinematographer Jeff Nash - Starring Natalie Cuomo, with Armando Gonzales and Viva Soudan "QC Rap and Tap" song written, mixed, and backing track performed by Mickey Freeland "QC Rap and Tap" vocals performed by Natalie Cuomo Production Designer Victoria Aguila Gaffer Jonathan Bleibdrey Makeup Artist Alyssa Bono Wardrobe Assistant/PA Jennifer Bleibdrey Choreography by Viva Soudan and Louis Chavez Edited by Jeff Nash & Ed Hellman Color by HTS Produced by Flying Pygmalion Films 2016 This video was not commissioned by Queens Comfort ( It is simply a love letter to them from the Crewcut Butlers.

YIHAO - New Years Eve 除夕夜 [MV]

MUSIC Production by - YIHAO Produced, Arranged, Composed & Lyrics by - Yihao Tseng 曾奕豪 Co-Produced by - Jess Lee 李漢勃 Recording Engineers - Stella Chuang 莊子萱 / Chien-Fu Wang 王建夫 Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Chien-Fu Wang 王建夫 Chinese Instruments Arranged by - Mitch Lin 林明學 Guitarist - PG