Oscar Health - You Should Get That Checked Out :30

Oscar Health - Welcome to the Family :30

Oscar Health - Special Delivery :60

Oscar Health - Beth Fights Back :60

Luna Park Coney Island 2016 :30

This high paced commercial explores the connections between the great city of New York and it's greatest amusement park - Luna Park!
Director Emanuele Ancorini

Lost & Found iOS app :30

Produced with one shooting day, cast of two and crew of seven in and around Brooklyn in the Spring of 2015.

Edge Auto Rental :30

First place winner in Edge Auto Rental commercial contest in Summer 2015. Concept by JNNYC. Written by Eddie Hellman and Katie Stabb Produced by JNNYC and Flying Pygmalion With 5s leader.

Doritos Lucky Mirror - Spec :30

2015 Doritos contest submission. Top 50 placement.

White Lighthouse Brand Cauliflower commercial 15s 30s 60s spec

Directed by Ed Hellman, Written by JM Wagner, Director of Photography Jeff Nash, Editor Alon Gelnik, Production Designer Andrea Greco, Starring Peter Sullivan, JM Wagner, and Andrea Greco. Based on the original radio commercial by Ed Hellman and Kevin Kolack. Flying Pygmalion Films, 2015

Slice of Life - Spec 30s

Kickoff App- Friend of Friend Commercial (English version)