Oscar Health - You Should Get That Checked Out :30

Oscar Health - Welcome to the Family :30

Oscar Health - Special Delivery :60

Oscar Health - Beth Fights Back :60

Luna Park Coney Island 2016 :30

This high paced commercial explores the connections between the great city of New York and it's greatest amusement park - Luna Park!
Director Emanuele Ancorini

About PlaceIQ

AbilTo Testimonial-HD

Lost & Found iOS app :30

Produced with one shooting day, cast of two and crew of seven in and around Brooklyn in the Spring of 2015.

Edge Auto Rental :30

First place winner in Edge Auto Rental commercial contest in Summer 2015. Concept by JNNYC. Written by Eddie Hellman and Katie Stabb Produced by JNNYC and Flying Pygmalion With 5s leader.

Doritos Lucky Mirror - Spec :30

2015 Doritos contest submission. Top 50 placement.

One Thing

written, produced, directed and co-edited by Patrick de Visscher

What a Feeling! 2:50

Pantiless - My Family's Strange Addiction 1m38s

People Who Should Be Slapped: Question Prefacers

More Pantiless Webseries - coming soon

Real Jesus Webseries - coming soon

Lauren Moffatt - The Old School for Wayward Girls

Backstage at Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2012 Collection Presentation "The Old School for Wayward Girls" Soho NYC Music: Bombay Bicycle Club - Ivy & Gold Film/Edit: Jeff Nash

Breakthrough: A Re-sounding Remedy

In 2004, pediatric audiologist Allyson Sisler-Dinwiddie plunged into a world of silence after a car accident damaged her hearing. Under the care of hearing researcher Rene Gifford, she became one of the first test subjects of a new technique to improve cochlear implants, devices that use electrodes to stimulate cells in the inner ear.

When Eels Attack!

Recreating View of Melrose New York at Its Core

The Museum of the City of New York will open New York at its Core in November 2016. Here, a team of curators and photographer Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao present a behind-the-scenes peek of the exhibition in the making, and describe the transformations and quintessential New York spirit present in one Bronx vista from 1868 to today.

Subvisual Subway- The Art of New York City's Bacterial World

Produced and Directed by Emily Driscoll for NPR's Science Fridays. Camera: Jeff Nash

How to Prevent Skin Aging With Clinically Proven Skincare

Advertorial for beauty/skincare company for New Beauty Magazine

coming soon - Raina Bee music video

Lunch Ladies - Pick Yourself Up 2m40s

Dirty Bourbon River Show - Passion 2m46s

Syvia - Anxious Animal

"Hiding in the backseat of a 1971 Lincoln Continental, lead singer Ruth Mirsky gives voice to a mournful, directionless anxiety as she travels through the band’s home turf of Brooklyn. Her haunting refrain, “you will never be enough, you will not amount to much,” is framed by the blur of city lights and macro photography of dissolving pills. The video, directed by Ed Hellman and produced by Jeff Nash NYC, is steeped in imagery of both beauty and darkness." See more on Vevo: http://www.vevo.com/watch/syvia/Anxious-Animal/QMGR31669236

The Crewcut Butlers "QC Rap and Tap" Music Video

Directed by Ed Hellman - Cinematographer Jeff Nash - Starring Natalie Cuomo, with Armando Gonzales and Viva Soudan "QC Rap and Tap" song written, mixed, and backing track performed by Mickey Freeland "QC Rap and Tap" vocals performed by Natalie Cuomo Production Designer Victoria Aguila Gaffer Jonathan Bleibdrey Makeup Artist Alyssa Bono Wardrobe Assistant/PA Jennifer Bleibdrey Choreography by Viva Soudan and Louis Chavez Edited by Jeff Nash & Ed Hellman Color by HTS Produced by Flying Pygmalion Films 2016 This video was not commissioned by Queens Comfort (www.queenscomfort.com). It is simply a love letter to them from the Crewcut Butlers.

YIHAO - New Years Eve 除夕夜 [MV]

MUSIC Production by - YIHAO Produced, Arranged, Composed & Lyrics by - Yihao Tseng 曾奕豪 Co-Produced by - Jess Lee 李漢勃 Recording Engineers - Stella Chuang 莊子萱 / Chien-Fu Wang 王建夫 Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Chien-Fu Wang 王建夫 Chinese Instruments Arranged by - Mitch Lin 林明學 Guitarist - PG

White Lighthouse Brand Cauliflower commercial 15s 30s 60s spec

Directed by Ed Hellman, Written by JM Wagner, Director of Photography Jeff Nash, Editor Alon Gelnik, Production Designer Andrea Greco, Starring Peter Sullivan, JM Wagner, and Andrea Greco. Based on the original radio commercial by Ed Hellman and Kevin Kolack. Flying Pygmalion Films, 2015

Slice of Life - Spec 30s

Kickoff App- Friend of Friend Commercial (English version)

NPR SciFri - The Wisdom of Teeth

MCNY - From Bed-Stuy to Harlem The City Confronts Civil Rights

MCNY - The Apple Peeler